The Thing You Need to do When The Initial Phase of Labor Takes Place

The Thing You Need to do When The Initial Phase of  Labor Takes Place

Before the push process arrives, you will undergo the initial phase of labor. Fatigue can penetrate your body because this phase lasts very long compared to other stages. In addition to draining energy, you can also feel inconvenience at this time.

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The presence of this phase is marked by the widening of the cervix by 3-4 cm. Along with the widening of the cervix, you might see a clear liquid or light bleeding out of your vagina.

You can also feel mild to powerful contractions at this time. Other signs that might appear include cramps, back pain, sleeping becomes good, the mood is unstable, or the stomach feeling bad.

The initial phase of delivery can last a long time, the process is slow and can make you bored. This condition can take hours even days, especially if this is your first experience of childbirth. If your amniotic water hasn't broken and your condition is fine, you are advised to keep going home at home.

Stay at home when this initial phase can also give you a more natural birth experience, your chance to get medical intervention may be reduced (for example you don't need to use drugs to speed up labor). When at home you are also more able to save power for further labor stages that need a lot of energy.

While at home, you can do the following:

Do the rest 

When you have entered this phase, it means that delivery is in front of your eyes, but you don't know for sure when it the coming. Well, delivery can come suddenly without you suspecting. Therefore, always prepare your teams to face labor. One way is to multiply time to rest.

Warm water bath

Contractions can make your body uncomfortable. To help make your body more relaxed due to contractions, you can take a shower of warm water. Or, you can also compress your pain area with a towel that has been soaked in hot water or wearing a bottle of hot water.

Practice breathing or relaxation techniques

One technique that you can practice is breathing while thinking about the word relaxed. So, when you take a breath, think of the word "Ri" and when exhaling, think of "Leks". When practicing this, you are advised to remain calm and release all the tensions you feel.

Other techniques can be applied during the initial phase of labor, precisely between the contraction time or when the contraction. Well, how to do this technique is put your right hand under the rib, while your left hand is put on the chest. After that take a deep breath through the nose and let the stomach bulge so your hand is pushed. Make sure when doing this chest doesn't move, well!

Then exercise by mouth (by shaping lips like when you want to whistle). When the stomach comes back, use your hand to press the gentle area so that all the air will come out.

Food consumption that makes you energized

Eat an intake that contains carbohydrates and is not easy to digest like potatoes, bread, and pasta.

Divert your mind

Don't focus too much on what will happen when delivery or imagine how sick the process of giving birth is. This can make you stressed. So, just switch with things that can make you happy or forget about it. You can watch your favorite film, listen to music, or take a leisurely walk with your partner.

After going through this initial phase, you will undergo the active phase of labor. In this phase, or at the end of the initial phase, you are advised to immediately go to the nearest hospital. 

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