Recognize the Causes of Itchy Navel and How to Clean it

The itchy navel maybe because there are various things trapped in it. For example, germs, dirt, or fungi. If left, germs can develop. Furthermore, the navel is not only itchy but also experiences an infection.

itchy belly button

The navel that experiences infection is very likely inflamed, easy to bleed, and even arises with pus accompanied by an unpleasant odor. This condition cannot be accompanied by pain around the navel.

Causes of buttons itchy

There are many causes of the itchy navel. Here are clearer reviews about the causes of the itchy navel.

Fungal infection

Mushrooms that might cause infection of the navel are the type of Candida. Mushroom infections are easy to occur in a humid body area. In addition to the navel, the area on the body that can be overgrown with fungus is the armpit, the fold of thighs, and the groin area.

Bacterial infection

In addition to mushrooms, the most pleasant creature inhabiting the navel is bacteria. No half-hearted, the navel is home to 70 types of bacteria. These bacteria will grow fertile if your hygiene is bad. If this happens, it's not surprising if you experience an itchy navel. These bacteria will cause infection. In the end, it is not just an itchy none, but also a pain that is accompanied by swelling in the area.

Just underwent surgery

After undergoing surgery around the abdomen, it is only natural if you experience several complaints, for example, difficulty to move or pain. Itching in the navel is also included as one of the postoperative complaints. But as the recovery takes place, the itchy complaints are reduced.


People who suffer from diabetes can have problems with the navel section. Because people with high blood sugar generally have poor endurance, it is easy to experience infection, including due to fungi. No wonder people with diabetes often experience itchy navel because of the growth of fungi.

Clean the navel regularly

Not only a newborn navel but adult navel must also be cleaned regularly to avoid the condition of the itchy navel. Actually how to clean the navel for adults is the same as cleaning the navel in the baby. The difference is, baby navel still needs special attention when there is still a navel sticking.

If you are still confused, you can follow ways to cleanse the following navel, as a guide:

Washing hands

Wash your hands before cleaning the navel. If the dirt in the hands sticks to the navel, it can cause an infection in the area.

Clean the navel

Use a wet lap to clean the navel to the inside. Try to make all dirt lifted.

Don't scrape

Avoid scraping the navel is too deep because it can cause injury and infection. After cleaning with a clean wet lap, dry it well.

Check for yourself

When cleaning the navel, try checking yourself whether there are abnormalities in the navel. The disorder can be in the form of smelling navel, it looks reddish, there is swelling on the surrounding skin, or even out of the fluid from the navel.

The itchy navel is not ignored. Behind itchy that looks trivial, it is very possible to develop into a serious disease. Immediately consult a doctor, especially if you feel fever, the navel, and surrounding skin looks reddish, or there are other complaints.

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