Understanding Sleeping Mask and its Benefits for Facial Skin Beauty

The term Sleeping Mask or Overnight Mask began to be known since Korean cosmetics are increasingly popular. As per the term, a sleeping mask is a facial treatment used before going to bed. Then what's the difference between a sleeping mask with a night cream? What are the benefits?

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Korean style beauty care is known as a series of facial care consisting of several stages. Starting from cleaning facial skin using makeup remover or oil cleanser, wash your face with cleaning soap, use a scrub, mask, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, and last apply a sleeping mask.

Understand Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask is designed as the last treatment step before going to bed. Although the meaning is a mask, this product is not the same as an ordinary mask, because its use is more practical. In general, the mask is used by being applied to the face, and then it is awaited until it dries. There are also masks made from tissue that is quite affixed to the face. But both still require you to be silent, barely moving, until the mask is completely dry or soaked.

As the name implies, the sleeping mask can be used overnight. Just apply on the face before going to bed, like applying the night cream, then you are free to sleep without worrying about the product falling. Sleeping mask is also known as Sleeping Pack and Leave-on Mask.

The difference between Sleeping Mask and night cream

The nutritional content of Sleeping Mask is generally richer than the night cream. However, the texture is not much different, namely cream or gel. After being applied to the skin that has been cleaned, wait 30 minutes before going to bed so that the sleeping mask is absorbed by the skin and not sticking on the pillow or sheets.

If the use of a night cream is sufficiently applied to infuse, the sleeping mask must be cleaned (washed with water) the next morning. In addition, unlike night creams that can be used every night, the sleeping mask is recommended only to be used one or two times a week. But this depends on the recommendations listed on the product.

Benefits of Sleeping Mask

The night is the best time to care for the skin. At night, you tend to be free from things that can damage the skin

The night is the time for skin cells to improve themselves, especially from 10 pm until 2 am. When the body sleeps well, there is an increase in metabolism and skin renewal. Therefore, it is very important to get quality sleep at these hours.

The benefits of using sleeping masks, namely helping skin repair, how to:

Maintain skin moisture

A sleeping mask can lock the humidity on the surface of the skin compared to evening creams that are easier to evaporate. In addition, a sleeping mask is also considered to be absorbed deeper into the skin layer.

Protect the skin

Even though it can penetrate the skin deeper, there is a sleeping mask that is not absorbed and stuck on the surface of the skin. The function is to protect the skin from dust and dirt that can clog the pores while locking so that the active ingredient works optimally.

Hydration or keeping the moisture of the skin is an important factor for those of you who want young skin. The more age, collagen production is reduced, the skin's natural moisture is increasingly lost, causing wrinkle lines. Therefore, you need product help such as a sleeping mask to keep the skin remain damp, especially during sleep.

Choose a sleeping mask containing Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronic Acid), and Peptides. These materials help the production of collagen and lock moisture for 8 hours so that they can slow down wrinkles.

Apart from the benefits of a sleeping mask that is so promising, you are still suggested consulting a dermatologist, especially if it has sensitive skin, given the sleeping mask sticks to the facial skin for a long time.

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