Two Ways to Shrink Lips Medically and Nonmedically

How to shrink lips can be done by using cosmetic tricks to undergo aesthetic surgery. This surgery lets you have the size of the lip according to what you want for permanent results.

do lips shrink

The study revealed that the plump lips gave the impression of sexual attraction in men and women. But some people feel their lips are too large so they need to be handled so that they look smaller.

If you include those who are not confident with the size of your lips, along with ways that can be taken to change the appearance of the lips, both medically and non-medically.

What about how to shrink the lips using cosmetics?

Cosmetics can be used to disguise the shape of your large lips. Try to do the following steps.

  • Use concealer on the upper and lower lip line, just 1 mm wide to reduce your lip volume. Select Concealer with a matching color with facial skin to cover the color of your lip line.
  • Contact Concealer to the face so that the edge of the lip looks naturally fused with facial skin. Do not mistakenly choose colors because the effect will not give a natural impression to the lips due to striking color differences.
  • Use lipstick to color the inside lip, but avoid coloring it from the edge of the lip that has been spiked. Choose a dark color lipstick so the lips look smaller.

If you have got a dream lip shape with cosmetics, don't forget to take care of him. How to treat lips you can do as follows.

  • Apply lip balm before using lipstick to keep moisture and protect it from the sun.
  • Drink enough water so that the lips remain hydrated.
  • Do not wet the lips using saliva because when it is dry, the lips will dry and need moisture.

Shrink lips through beauty surgical procedures

Before deciding to undergo surgery to shrink lips, pay attention to the following.

Understand the risks

For those of you who are thinking of undergoing surgery, it is important to remember that this still stores risk, such as complications due to the anesthetic, excessive bleeding during the operation, nerve damage, or damage to other parts in the mouth. Nerve damage can be temporary or permanent and can cause pain and numbness. In addition, there can also be an infection around the lips and inner mouth.

Within a long time, in the part carried out the operation can arise grated tissue. Therefore, sometimes the operation is needed to eliminate the scar tissue.

Don't just choose to choose experts

How to shrink lips through this operation is done by a plastic surgeon. In the procedure, the doctor will check your lip condition first. It is possible that doctors do not recommend operations because they are considered not needed.

If you have to do lip surgery, the doctor will check your medical history. The doctor will also explain what the process is, including the risks that might be faced and how long the recovery period is.

This series of procedures must be implemented. Therefore, you don't choose to choose experts.

Understand the recovery process

After surgery lip reduction is complete, you will enter the recovery period. At this time, you must pay attention to the following.

  • Routine gargling using antiseptic fluid to avoid infection in surgical scars.
  • Avoid consuming foods that feel very acidic. Also, prioritize soft-textured foods.
  • When sleeping, position your head higher than the body.
  • Delay first doing heavy exercise.

If things happen that are not proper or pain in the lip and surrounding areas, immediately consult a doctor.

Some people can experience irritation and allergies to certain ingredients contained in cosmetics. Be careful in having cosmetics for your face. If cosmetics are not enough to help your lips look smaller, you can consider undergoing surgery.

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