Causes of skin irritation in women's intimate organs and how to prevent it

Causes of skin irritation in women's intimate organs and how to prevent it

Although it has a lot of busyness, some active women still leave sports, to maintain their health. Doing all work activities coupled with exercises, such as yoga or aerobic exercises, makes women's body sweating easy. Despite sweating, not a few women tend to ignore their hygiene. The body and female areas that are damping due to sweat can cause skin irritation.

rash in female groin area

Sweating is a natural way to cool body temperature, by releasing water and salt. But if it is excessive, sweat can bother you. Normally, sweat came out of the pores of the skin and yawned. When sweat is trapped below the surface of the skin and clogs the sweat glands, it can cause the skin to be irritated and itchy.

Itching or skin irritation can occur in any part of the body, with no exception in your intimate organ area. If you continue to scratch this area, it will cause the skin to become abrasion, bleed, and vulnerable to infection.

Causes of female intimate organ skin irritation

Besides sweat, several other causes can cause your intimate organ skin irritation, namely:

  • Exposed irritant substances

The irritant is a substance or something that irritates and can cause an itchy skin rash. Irritant substances that often irritate women's intimate organs are soap, cream, ointment, fabric softener, vaginal douching (vaginal technique), and detergent.

  • Certain diseases

Some diseases can make the skin in female areas itchy and irritating, namely bacterial vaginosis, fungal infections, sexually transmitted diseases (such as Chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, genital herpes, and trichomoniasis), and skin diseases (such as eczema and psoriasis).

  • Menopause

When entering menopause, the hormone levels of estrogen decrease. This causes the skin around the intimate organs you tend to be thinner and dry. This condition can make the skin in the feminine section vulnerable to irritation and itching.

How to prevent and overcome skin irritation in women's intimate organs

To prevent and overcome skin itching and irritation in female areas, there are several things you can do, including:

  • Use cotton and not tight underwear. In addition, change the underwear every day regularly. Reduce or avoid using the panty liner, because it can make your female area damp.
  • Change the underwear, clothes, and pants, every time you sweat, to reduce fungal infections that can be caused by moist skin.
  • Wash and clean your feminine intimate organ area, at least once a day. Remember, don't rub it too strongly. Clean the feminine area correctly, namely from the front to the back (from the vagina to the anus) after defecating, not
  • You can use a feminine cleaning soap that is gentle, natural, and has hypoallergenic content to minimize allergies in your female area.
  • Avoid various triggers of skin allergies and irritation in your intimate organs, such as ordinary bath soap with high pH, perfume, color toilet tissue, and you are advised to use colorless toilet tissue and without fragrance when cleaning your intimate organ area.
  • Change sanitary as often as possible when you menstruate, if necessary use feminine cleaning products to help clean the feminine area.
  • Make sure the feminine area keeps dry so as not to invite bacteria and fungi.

Hypoallergenic Street Cleaning Products that are soft made from Aloe Vera and Collagen, with pH that matches the acidity of the vagina, can be one of the right choices to cleanse the female organs properly. It is recommended to choose a feminine product that has an aloe vera and collagen content to relieve inflammation and restore moisture, the bacteria both lactobacillus to restore and maintain the pH balance of the feminine area. Also, make sure to choose a product that has been tested clinically or labeled dermatologically tested.

Itching that might be caused by irritation and allergies can cause you to be uncomfortable. In addition, irritation that occurs in the female area can cause infection and invite various diseases. If you experience it, immediately consult a doctor to get the right handling.

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