The Role of Parents in Each Child Development

The Role of Parents in Each Child Development

The role of parents in the life of the child is an important factor in helping to prepare mental children to face the outside world when it's growing. Not only love and affection, but parents must also ensure your little one lives in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Role of Parents in Each Child Development

To guarantee the sustainability of his adult life later, children must be equipped with resources and the ability to be successful in the future. Even so, each child is a unique individual which will eventually develop according to their respective ways.

The following are some guidelines that Mother and Father can use to escort the little one at each stage of its development.

Babies aged 0-3 months

The little one will start learning to recognize the sound, face, and touch the people closest to him. At the age of three months, the little one will also begin to enjoy playing time with adults by often mimicking the chatter and sound that mother and father produce.

Here the role of parents will greatly help the little one in developing his abilities. Give the child touch and contact eye when the mother and father sing, speak or read the storybook for him. Also, give tummy time for your little one from birth who can build muscle strength and stimulate it to move. The trick is to turn the baby on his stomach.

Baby aged 4-7 months

Your little one will pay more attention to the surrounding environment. Don't be surprised if later he will turn around when the mother or father calls his name. Mother can also help develop her physical abilities by suggesting it when sitting or positioning your little one on the stomach and her back so she can play.

In this phase, Mother can also start building routines when feeding, sleeping, or playing time. For example, the mother can start a sleep routine by bathing it before going to bed. A man suggests that babies do not need to be bathed more than twice a week. What to remember is to ensure that the soap used is a special soap for soft babies to prevent skin irritation.

Use baby bath products that have pH balanced for baby skin. Baby skin will slowly change from neutral at birth to a little acid (pH = 5) at the age of several weeks. This slightly sour layer serves as a defense lawyer to protect the baby's skin. Therefore it is recommended to choose a baby bath product that has a balanced pH for baby skin.

Infants aged 8-12 months

Little was able to sit up without help and began to grab whatever is nearby to sustain itself on its own. In the age range now, Mother could also hear the first words, such as 'mama' or 'papa'. Little also has begun to worry if abandoned by their parents or scared by the faces he did not recognize.

Take him to talk and play together. This phase is an important moment for the development of talking language. Try to tell Mother what was done or whatever you two were seen. Along with the development of the Small Si becomes more active, it is important to create a safe space for him too. Give praise when Little when applicable either. Instead, just say 'please' and distract him when he does something that is not allowed. To cope with anxiety, try to always tell the child every time Mother intends to leave it for a while.

At this time, the Little will be more prone to diaper rash. If the diaper rash attack, Mother wears diapers need to check more frequently and immediately replace it if it is wet or dirty. Apply a diaper rash cream on the baby's skin that has been cleaned and dried. Choose a cream that contains zinc oxide or allantoin.

1-2 years old babies

The little one will start wanting to do everything yourself, both wearing clothes, washing hands, to use the tableware. The little one also began to understand more than he could say. At the age of two this year, he had mastered a few short sentences.

The role of the mother here is to provide examples of correct and wrong words and actions. Give a simple and clear limit about what it can and should not do. Give the appropriate praise or reprimand. Mother should be careful not to rebuke it when your little one is wrong in using the word. Simply correct the wrong with his words.

Also make sure to give him many opportunities to play outside the home like in the playground, zoo, or just walk in the park. At times like this, special tissues for babies are very helpful when replacing your little diaper and no water is available to wash. Choose a product that is alcohol-free and has been tested by dermatologists to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Also use paraben-free baby products, a type of preservative that is often used in baby products. Avoid products that contain other Paraben types such as: ethylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben or propylparabene.

Age 2-3 years

Now, Little already has a collection of the more complex vocabulary of movement with the increasingly active. Not just jump in and up the stairs, the child will also learn how to open the door and play with more complicated toys. He began to build social relationships with playmates at the same age.

On this, the Mother's role in monitoring and protecting children when playing with friends his age. If Little began quarreling with his friends, gave him a chance to resolve itself. Even so, the Mother must always be ready to teach Little to share and take turns with their friends if necessary. Little needs help from Mother to regulate emotions and solve problems.

Father and Mother need to know that the above guidelines are just a general suggestion. Look for guidelines from trusted sources or appeals from pediatricians. Even so, doing the above methods is consistently expected to train your child to be independent and develop according to his age. Both of these are very important to support the development of the little one to adulthood.

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