Recognize the Cause of Muscle Fatigue and How to Overcome it

Recognize the Cause of Muscle Fatigue and How to Overcome it

Muscle fatigue can be defined as a weakening of muscle performance due to severe activity. This can occur because of various things. Starting from activities carried out repeatedly or continuously, until due to lack of sleep.

Recognize the Cause of Muscle Fatigue and How to Overcome it

Knowing the cause and how to deal with muscle fatigue is important to do. Because by knowing these two things, you know what steps should be taken when muscle fatigue is experienced.

Various causes of muscle fatigue

Here are some of the causes of muscle fatigue:

Excessive activity

Every day we do a variety of activities, which if done excessively, consciously or cannot cause fatigue, including muscle fatigue. Starting from activities to work in the office, work outside, housewives who are busy taking care of their families and various kinds of needs, to children who are preoccupied with various kinds of school and extracurricular activities.

Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation can actually be experienced by anyone. But parents or housewives who work, take care of children, and do other tasks that drain energy, more risky to experience it. So many tasks that must be done can reduce night sleep. Even though sleep deprivation can cause muscle fatigue.


Sports are good for health, but if done excessively the impact has a negative impact on health, including causing muscle fatigue. This happens because the body lacks oxygen so that lactic acid production has increased. When lactic acid increases in the blood, you can experience muscle fatigue, muscle pain, abdominal pain, and nausea.

Stress and depression

Muscle fatigue can be affected by mental health disorders, such as stress and depression. There are various causes of stress, such as office work, homework, relationships with partners, or due to certain diseases. You can experience muscle fatigue as a result of excessive anxiety that you feel.

Severe menstruation

Estrogen and progesterone changes that occur during menstruation, can cause the body to lack fluid or dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, it is likely to experience the greater muscle fatigue. The risk of dehydration will increase when you experience severe menstruation, where the amount of blood is more than usual.

Suffering certain diseases

Muscle fatigue can also be caused by certain diseases. Someone who suffers from flu, anemia, addison disease, fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, tuberculosis, and stroke will be more risky to experience muscle fatigue.

These things can indeed trigger muscle fatigue. If this is experienced, you might feel pain, pain in certain body parts, twitching in muscles, trembling, and muscle cramps.

The effect felt when experiencing muscle fatigue

Muscle fatigue can then result in overall body fatigue. This can cause you to feel:

Not motivated

The effect of fatigue can cause your motivation to decrease in doing an activity. Of course this will make your activities disturbed, because it doesn't have the enthusiasm to do it.

Difficult concentration

It is difficult to concentrate and considering something that must be done can also be experienced due to muscle fatigue. This can cause you to find it difficult to start activity or finish work on time.

How to deal with muscle fatigue

If you experience symptoms of muscle fatigue, the first thing to do is enough rest and make sure that the body is hydrated well. Then consume nutritious and nutritious foods, to maintain your muscle health.

One of the most recommended nutritious foods when experiencing muscle fatigue is chicken meat. This food should be a choice because it contains protein, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs to repair muscle cells. You can consume chicken meat directly or consume it in the form of chicken erylipati.

Drinking Chicken (Chicken Saripathy), is believed to be more useful than eating chicken, because the whole chicken juice contained in the form of chicken erylipati contains various kinds of nutrients. Starting from protein, carnosine, creatine, to amino acids and peptides are useful for accelerating the release of lactic acid and ammonia in the body. So it recovered faster from muscle fatigue.

Benefits of Chicken Saripati to overcome muscle fatigue include:

  • Research shows that the natural protein content contained in chicken saripati is able to improve brain memory, brain performance, and the ability to concentrate. Therefore, chicken saripathic consumption is recommended to help overcome fatigue that can trigger you difficult to concentrate.
  • The content of amino acids contained in chicken saripati is useful for repairing the body's tissues, running body function, and restores the body's energy lost due to fatigue, including muscle fatigue.
  • The carnosine content contained in Chicken Saripati is antioxidant, so it is able to inhibit tissue damage and restore body performance caused by fatigue.
  • The creatin content contained in natural chicken sedipati is useful for increasing body energy. In addition, creatine content is also able to reduce the risk of experiencing fatigue due to sports or less sleep.

For those of you who experience muscle fatigue, the consumption of clinically proven chicken saripathy can relieve fatigue caused. In addition, it is also believed to be able to optimize your concentration skills. But if the muscle fatigue has disrupted the routine and symptoms worsening, immediately consulting a doctor. Because, it can be the fatigue of the muscles that you experience caused by more serious health conditions.

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