Prevent Dehydration Due to Diarrhea With Rehydration

Prevent Dehydration Due to Diarrhea With Rehydration

Any pocket habits can have a bad impact on your health. The condition of the body previously healthy and fit can be directly disrupted because it consumes food or drinks from the processing process that is not guaranteed cleanliness. Coupled with changing weather conditions also affect the body's condition that causes diarrhea.

Prevent Dehydration Due to Diarrhea With Rehydration

Snacks on the roadside do have their attraction when compared to food sold in restaurants. But unfortunately, regardless of delicious taste and affordable prices, this type of snack sometimes overrides health security factors and cleanliness factors. Snacks that are cooked are less mature, for example, at risk of being contaminated by many bacteria triggers diarrhea.

What happens when experiencing diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a health disorder characterized by an increasing frequency of defecation (chapter) up to three times or exceeding your normal habits in a day. At each time the chapter, the stool is released in liquid texture.

WHO, as the World Health Institute, states that diarrhea is the second-highest number of annual deaths, which are 760 thousand children under five years. However, diarrhea is a common disease that can still be prevented and handled before the condition is getting worse.

In addition to food or drinks contaminated with bacteria, the most common cause of diarrhea is an infection of the flu virus, Norovirus, and Rotavirus. Children aged 3-8 years can also develop diarrhea due to bacterial infections, viral infections, and/or antibiotic side effects. Diarrhea in children is caused by parasites that can be transmitted from friends. Symptoms of diarrhea in children can be easily detected through changes in the texture of the chapter that looks more liquid and the frequency of the increasing chapter.

Symptoms are almost the same experienced by adult age people, but accompanied by the appearance of other conditions, such as cramps or pain in the stomach, often back and forth to the bathroom for chapters, nausea, and vomiting.

Diarrhea suffered for two days or longer must be examined with a doctor because it risks resulting from the loss of water and ions in the body. Most causes of death in diarrhea sufferers are severe dehydration. Therefore, some actions need to be done to prevent dehydration due to diarrhea, one of them by maintaining the adequacy of fluid and body ion balance.

Restore body fluids with rehydration efforts

The Ministry of Health has set a five-step program to complete diarrhea (cross diarrhea) consisting of:

  • Oral
  • Giving Zinc Medication
  • Breastfeeding or food
  • Administration of antibiotics only if needed
  • Maternal and caregiver's education about how to provide fluid and drugs and when sufferers must be taken to the nearest hospital.

One key therapeutic in the case of diarrhea is to prevent dehydration and restore fluid lost through rehydration efforts. Rehydration or fluid therapy is an effort to restore body fluids that are wasted with stools by consuming adequate fluids, one of them by consuming ORS. If not available, broth water, the vegetable sauce can also be used as a choice as a substitute liquid.

Help prevention dehydration with electrolyte drinks

Although ordinary water is still recommended to be drunk as dehydration prevention, experts argue that consuming water is not enough to restore lost ions. Ordinary water does not contain ions needed to maintain the balance of ions in the body. For this reason, the researchers recommend consuming drinks that contain the essence of the rehydration process itself. You can choose a drink containing ions that the body needs so that the lost ion can be returned immediately.

For those of you who experience diarrhea or have felt symptoms, make sure to always meet your daily fluid and ion needs. Not only consumes fluids, but it is recommended to maintain self-hygiene also to avoid bacterial infections.

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