25 Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Beauty

25 Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Beauty

Beautiful skin is a dream, especially for women. Unfortunately, various skin problems can interfere with and affect appearance. One of the products that can be selected to overcome them is petroleum jelly.

25 Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Beauty

Petroleum jelly is a material that can help coat the skin with water protection, so it can help maintain and restore skin moisture. Besides, petroleum jelly is believed to have a myriad of benefits for skin beauty.

Here are some of the benefits of petroleum jelly that you can use to maintain beauty:

1. Moisturize the skin. A study shows that petroleum jelly is effective in maintaining skin moisture. So, to keep your skin moist, don't forget to apply petroleum jelly every day!

2. Overcoming dry lips. To overcome and prevent dry and chapped lips, apply petroleum jelly on your lips.

3. Overcoming cracked feet. Chapped feet often occur on dry foot skin. After bathing, apply petroleum jelly to the affected leg area before going to bed, wear socks, and leave it overnight. Do it regularly for optimal results.

4. As a makeup cleanser. Petroleum jelly is believed to be safe for effectively removing makeup on the eyes. Apply petroleum jelly to cotton buds or cosmetic cotton swabs and gently clean your makeup.

5. Make eyebrows look neater. Petroleum jelly can make your eyebrows look neater. The trick, apply petroleum jelly sufficiently on the eyebrow comb, then comb the eyebrows outwards.

6. Make eye shadow long-lasting. Before applying eye shadow, lightly apply petroleum jelly on the eyelid as a primer, so that it lasts all day.

7. Overcoming split ends. Apply petroleum jelly on the palms and rub gently on the ends of the hair to reduce the problem of split ends that often arise on dry hair.

8. Make hair shinier. In addition to reducing the problem of split ends, petroleum jelly can also make your hair shinier

9. Prevents hair from sticking to the scalp. To prevent and protect the scalp from hair dyes, apply petroleum jelly along the colored hairline.

10. Avoid nail polish stains on the skin. When going to do nail polish, you can rub the skin around the nail with petroleum jelly. This method helps you clean up the remnants of paint that often sticks to the skin around the nails.

11. Makes nail cuticles soft. For nail cuticles to become soft, try applying petroleum jelly before going to bed. This method can also make your nails look shinier.

12. Keep the body fragrant. Apply petroleum jelly to the surface of the skin where you normally wear perfume. Petroleum jelly can retain the aroma of perfume that is worn.

13. Remove dead skin cells. Scrubs made from a mixture of petroleum jelly can be useful in removing dead skin cells. At home, you can make your scrub by mixing petroleum jelly with a little sugar.

14. Relieve skin irritation after chemical peels. To relieve dry and red skin due to mild skin irritation from chemical peels, your doctor may suggest applying petroleum jelly.

15. Reducing the risk of skin blisters. Petroleum jelly can be a solution to deal with skin blisters due to skin friction in clothing.

16. It helps heal wounds and minor burns. Petroleum jelly helps maintain skin moisture during healing. Make sure in use, the surface of the skin has been cleaned, and consult its use with a doctor.

17. Prevents the formation of scar tissue in scars. To minimize the appearance of scar tissue on the scar, apply petroleum jelly to the wound that has been cleaned and covered with a wound cover.

18. Overcoming diaper rash. Prevent skin irritation from using diapers, by applying petroleum jelly to the skin of babies who are prone to diaper rashes.

19. Reduces itching. Reduce itching due to dry skin by routinely using petroleum jelly after bathing, so that skin moisture is maintained.

20. It helps reduce the effects of aging on the skin. With increasing age the skin tissue will reduce its humidity so that wrinkles can occur on the skin, even the skin feels dry and itchy. The use of moisturizers such as petroleum jelly can help reduce these complaints.

21. Overcoming keratosis pilaris. Moisturize the skin with petroleum jelly, to deal with rough skin and the appearance of small spots like acne due to keratosis pilaris.

22. Overcome irritation due to detergent exposure. The content of detergents can trigger itching due to skin irritation in some people. You can minimize the itching by applying petroleum jelly.

23. Reduces itching due to insect bites. The ability to moisturize the skin, making petroleum jelly can be a solution in reducing itching due to insect bites.

24. Relieve skin irritation from sunburn. Exposure to sunlight for too long can make the skin red, dry and itchy. Avoid sunlight and apply petroleum jelly to restore skin moisture and help the recovery process. If there are annoying wounds, visit a dermatologist.

25. Overcoming allergies to plants or metals in imitation jewelry. As with insect bites, itching due to allergies to plant powders or metals in imitation jewelry can also be mitigated with petroleum jelly.

Although petroleum jelly has so many benefits, it is recommended to use petroleum jelly only for external use. Do not consume or put petroleum jelly in the body in any way. Make sure the skin is clean before using petroleum jelly, to avoid the risk of infection of the skin. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist, to get recommendations for use accordingly.

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