Facts About Breastfeeding More Than 2 Years

Facts About Breastfeeding More Than 2 Years

Baby has been more than 2 years but there are no signs of stopping breastfeeding. Mother is increasingly restless, because some say the longer the feedings, the more difficult it will be weaned and spoiled. So, how should deal with this huh?
Facts About Breastfeeding More Than 2 Years

Previously, congratulations, it's been 2 years to breastfeed your baby, Mother. Conscious or not, by breastfeeding means Mother has provided protection for the body in the form of antibodies and immunoglobin in children. In addition, breastfeeding can also provide psychological closeness with your baby and help him stay safe and comfortable.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for more than 2 years

If you are currently confused about how to wean your little one for two years, you can calm down. Actually there are various benefits of giving ASI after more than this age.
In some other countries, breastfeeding for more than a year is considered extended breastfeeding. In Indonesia, breastfeeding for more than 2 years is generally only included as extended breastfeeding. However, there are also some countries that have the habit of a new child to stop breastfeeding at the age of 3-4 years.
Unlike people think, forcing a child to stop breastfeeding or weaning when he is not ready, does not mean that it will make him a more independent and confident child, you know, Mother. In addition, extended breastfeeding also actually will not make children more difficult to wean.
The benefits of extended breastfeeding are not only for children, but there are also benefits for breastfeeding for mothers. Here are some of the benefits of extended breastfeeding for Mother and Child:
  • ASI Provides Nutrition

If someone says that breastfeeding for more than 2 years does not bring nutrition to the baby, that is not true. Whatever their age, ASI will continue to provide nutrition for your child.
  • Maintain And Increase Endurance

Your child may already get nutritional intake from a variety of foods, but breast milk can still provide extra endurance against several types of diseases. That is, protection from breastfeeding nutrition still continues even though Little has received nutrients from a variety of foods. When he is sick and does not want to eat any food, maybe only breast milk will be the only source of nutrition. The longer your little one suckles, he will be more protected from the dangers of diseases, such as ear infections or upper respiratory tract infections.

  •  Calms The Child And Mother

The Little get peace from the Mother when suckling. This is important especially if he has started to run to and fro. For mothers who have returned to work, direct breastfeeding is also a way to stay close to their beloved baby.
In addition, if your child has a newborn sister, still breastfeeding her sister while breastfeeding her sister, or tandem nursing, can familiarize the relationship between brother and sister.
  • More Effective When Traveling

Direct breastfeeding is very effective when a mother and her family travel outside the city, compared to breastfeeding or milk powder.
  • Reducing The Risk Of Cancer In The Mother

Mothers who are actively breastfeeding, are known to have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. In addition, it is also known to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. These benefits are accumulative, for example if you breastfeed two children for 2 years, then that means the benefits are the same as mothers who breastfeed their children for 4 years.
  • Reducing Mother's Weight

Continuing to breastfeed may help you maintain weight. From the research it is known that the combination of healthy eating, exercise, and breastfeeding, effectively decreases and maintains Mother's weight.

Tips for Staying Comfortable Breastfeeding

Others may comment negatively about mothers breastfeeding older children. Especially if your little one suddenly undress mother to suckle. This is the reason many mothers feel uncomfortable breastfeeding Little who is more than 2 years old, especially when in public places.
Even though you feel comfortable, you don't need to be bothered by negative comments from people around you. Moreover, currently there are facilities for breastfeeding rooms available in various public places, so Mother no longer needs to worry and be confused where to breastfeed Little One.
Mother can also get around this by first feeding at home before traveling. If he still wants to suckle in public, Mother can distract him with snacks or other objects that he likes.

Besides breastfeeding children more than 2 years can be more challenging when you are pregnant again. Breastfeeding in pregnant women may feel different, and milk production may decrease. Because, the body is more focused on the developing fetus. However, if adequate nutrition is consumed, many pregnant women who succeed in continuing to breastfeed.
So no need to be confused anymore or in a hurry wean Little after 2 years of age, Mother. Many benefits can be obtained from extended breastfeeding. If necessary, consult a pediatrician, or take advantage of a lactation consultation service for advice that is appropriate for your child's condition.

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