Perform This Habit to Get a Bright Face When You Wake Up

Perform this habit to get a bright face

Perform this habit to get a bright face when you wake up

Bright face when you wake up is not impossible or only exists in movies, you know. To get it is also not difficult and does not need to be expensive. You just do a few simple habits before going to bed.

Sleep can actually make a brighter face, not the other way around. Why so? Because while sleeping, blood circulation will increase and the skin will also improve itself from the inside.

Now, to maximize this process so that the skin becomes brighter when you wake up, there are some things you need to do routinely.

So that the face is bright when I wake up

To get a bright face when you wake up, do the following habits:

1.      Wash your face before going to sleep

Former makeup that sticks after a day of activities can cause pores to become bigger and your skin to become dry, easily irritated, and prone to breakouts. This is what then causes your face to look dull when you wake up.

To prevent this, do not forget to wash your face before going to bed. The trick, wash makeup first with a makeup remover, then wash your face with facial cleansing soap that suits your skin type.

2.      Use a moisturizer

Washing your face and sleeping can make your skin dehydrated. This is what then causes the face to look dull in the morning.

So, so that your skin does not dry and looks bright when you wake up, immediately use a moisturizer after washing your face before going to bed. But remember, choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Besides using moisturizers, to prevent dehydration that can make your skin dry, drink a glass of water before going to sleep.

3.      Enough sleep

Although it seems simple, getting enough sleep can have a very positive effect on skin brightness, you know. This is because getting enough sleep will increase the vitality of the skin and prevent aging of the skin, so your face looks brighter when you wake up.

So, from now on make it a habit to get enough sleep, which is for 7-9 hours every night.

4.      Sleep with a high pillow

Sleeping with a pillow stack or a high pillow can improve blood circulation and reduce swelling on the face. That way, the face will look fresher when you wake up in the morning.

5.      Sleep on your back

If you have been accustomed to sleeping in a sideways position, try to change your sleeping position. The reason is, sleeping sideways apparently can cause the appearance of fine lines on the face and cause the face to become dull.

Get into the habit of sleeping on your back to get a face that is bright, smooth, and free from wrinkles when you wake up.

Well, isn't it hard to get a bright face when you wake up? Just do the simple habits above every night. In addition to making your skin bright when you wake up in the morning, these habits are also beneficial for maintaining long-term skin health, you know.